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The advanced iTECH TIG 220

AC/DC with an innovative TIG AUTO option - once the material type and

thickness are entered, it sets the appropriate welding parameters and

ensures that the machine is ready to use. Semi-pro and

amateur welders won't regret the iTech, since they can focus on their

technique instead of the settings.
It's the 1st and currently only automatic TIG welder of it's type in the EU with 6 AC waveforms. It has a 3.5" LCD display, allowing intuitive and easy operation in 4 languages. Used for HF-TIG, LIFT-TIG and MMA welding.

Its compact size and weight of 14.8 [kg] make it mobile, portable and

comfortable to use, thanks to the transport handle.
It offers a comfortable, quiet operating mode (FAN STOP) with more energy savings.

The iTECH TIG 220 AC/DC comes with an innovative Northern Wind airflow system through the cooling chamber boosting the life, durability and duty cycle of the components.

Above all, the machine provides intuitive operation and advanced functionality for individual adjustment of settings in HF-TIG, LIFT-TIG modes.
Choice of DC welding mode (black steel, SS stainless steel, titanium) or AC (aluminium and its alloys). Can weld with PULSE with full adjustment of: frequency, cycle, current in DC; and balance and frequency in AC. It has a proprietary AC AUTO

mode which, after setting the parameters, automatically adjusts the

frequency and balance of the pulse in AC . It has options for 2T and 4T operation. A 3 m all-copper 3x2.5 [mm2] power cable, a 3 m all-copper 25 [mm2] ground cable and a 3 m electrode holder are provided with the machine. The iTECH TIG 220 AC/DC comes with a TIG SR26 torch of
4 metres so the welder can be controlled from the handle. The torch has a flexible body (Flex) with a laminar lens (supplied: 1.6, 2.0, 2.4 [mm]).

The iTECH TIG 220 AC/DC is ideal for welding materials with a thickness of
from 0.1 [mm] to 6 [mm]:
in metalshop work (air conditioning pipes, oil sump, exhaust manifolds),
at the company (aluminium structures, radiators/intercoolers, wheel rim repair),
light industry (sanitary installations, aluminium trusses, HSS surfacing).

Basic info about the SKANDI KRAFT iTECH TIG 220 AC/DC


AC/DC AUTO system - after specifying the type and thickness of the

material, it can auto adjust the welding parameters in the HF-TIG method.

Welding with 4 methods: TIG AC/DC AUTO, TIG (AC/DC) HF and LIFT-TIG, MMA using a consumable electrode.

PULSE welding, in this function the welder can fully adjust the parameters, change the focus of the arc and shape of the joint.

Unique among automatic welders in Europe, it's the first and only machine of it's type on the market with a choice of 6 AC waveforms (rectangular, sinusoidal, triangular, front triangular wave, rear triangular wave, trapezoidal).
Rectangular - loud and efficient for welding thick aluminium-aluminium alloy parts.
Sinusoidal - gentle and provides smooth arc guidance in both thick and thin materials.
Triangular - suitable for welding thin materials due to the short base current time.
Front triangular wave -
Rear triangular wave -
Trapezoidal - hybrid wave, a combination of sine and rectangular.

TIG SR26 torch with

potentiometer to adjust current from the handle, featuring lenses to

reduce gas consumption and improve weld quality.

A welder with an easy-to-read 3.5" LCD display, four selectable languages and 18 memory channels to save settings.

The FAN STOP system rests the fan at idle - so the welder is quiet when powered up and fully functional, saves energy and reduces dust in the system. The fan automatically switches on when welding starts.

The LIFT-TIG function, equipped with the SOFT START

module, for no risk of damaging the electrode when starting the welding

process. For welding under demanding conditions (without an ioniser)
It's built with high performance IGBT components.

Mobile and versatile with transport handle. Welder for pro and semi-pro use.

Welder functions:

TIG AUTO welding

adjusts the welder after specifying the type of material and thickness,

the machine adjusts the welding parameters. This system has the option

of manually tuning the welding current for individual parameter

The AC or DC mode is set automatically depending on the type of material.

TIG AC/DC method (HF/LIFT)

Choice of AC and DC welding modes
AC - alternating current mode, for welding aluminium alloys.
DC - direct current mode, for welding black steel, stainless steel (chromium-nickel) and other materials.
PULSE - in this function, the welder can fully adjust the machine parameters, the focus of the arc and shape of the joint.
Choice of 6 AC waveforms (rectangular, sinusoidal, triangular, front triangular, rear triangular, trapezoidal)

It has 2T and 4T

options- to start the gas flow before arc ignition when the button is

pressed. When the button is released, the unit starts a preset ramp-up

to the base current. Pressing the button again drops the current,

extinguishes the crater and discharges gas.

It has adjustable parameters for TIG AC/DC welding:
gas outflow before ignition [s],
welding start current [A],
current ramp-up time [s],
peak current (welding current) [A] A,
pulse cycle[%],
pulse frequency [Hz],
base current (only in AC mode),
current falling time [s] seconds,
final current/crater extinction [A],
post-process gas discharge [s] seconds,
AC pulse balance [%],
AC pulse cycle [Hz].

MMA welding
Hot Start - boosts the start of welding by temporarily increasing the welding current at the start.
Arc Force - adjusts the length of the welding arc, making it possible to reduce or increase the depth of fusion and reduce spatter.
VRD - turns off the arc when the electrode detaches from the material for a safer welding environment.
Anti Stick - makes it easier to detach the electrode if it sticks.

Technical data

Power supply: 230 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Idling voltage: 65 V

TIG welding current: 10-200 A
TIG welding voltage: 10.4-18 V
Efficiency (at 40°C):

40%/ 200 A / 18 V

60%/ 163 A /16.5 V

100%/ 126 A / 15 V

MMA welding current: 30-200 A
MMA welding voltage: 21.2-28 V
TIG efficiency (at 40°C):

40%/ 200 A / 28 V

60%/ 163 A / 26.5 V

100%/ 126 A / 25 V

PRE GAS: 0-1 [s]
welding start current START AMP: 10-200 [A]
UP SLOPE current rise time: 1-15 [s]
PEAK AMP peak current: 10-200 [A].
AC balance: 10-90 [%]
DOWN SLOPE falling time: 0-25 [s].
end current: 10-200 [A]
POST GAS discharge: 0-10 [s].
Pulse frequency: 0.5-200 [Hz].
Pulse cycle: 5-95 [%].

Length x width x height: 48 × 21 × 38 [cm].
Weight: welding machine [net] 14.8 kg, in a carton [gross] 21kg
Housing protection level: IP21S
Cooling: fan


PULSE fully adjustable parameters: yes
FAN STOP switching off the fan at rest: yes
2T/4T for more comfortable creation of longer welds: yes
VRD voltage reduction and improved safety in MMA: yes
Arc Force adjustment of welding arc length: yes
Hot Start rapid arc ignition: yes
Anti Stick prevents electrode sticking: yes
Quick connector for gas hose connection (TYPE 21): yes

Set includes

SKANDI KRAFT iSIMPLE TIG 215 AC/DC welder with integrated 3 metre long 3x2.5[mm^2] power cable.
TIG torch SR26 Flex 4 metres with control from the handle.
Electrode holder, all-copper 3 metres, cross section 25 [mm2].
3 laminar gas lenses (1.6; 2.0; 2.4 [mm]).
3 diameter tungsten electrodes (1.6; 2.0; 2.4 [mm]).
3 connector plugs (long, medium, short).
3 x collet (1.6;2.0;2.4 [mm] ).
1 x lens insulator.
3 x ceramic nozzle "8".
Gas cylinder mounting components: 2 x gas regulator mounting clamps, 2 metre gas hose, instructions, spanner, Allen.

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