Spartus Pro 301X

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Welding helmet SPARTUS Pro 301X. Designed and manufactured to protect the eyes and face of the welder from harmful radiation and splashes during TIG, MIG / MAG and MMA welding. In addition, it has a grinding function.
The automatic welding filter has the highest optical rating of 1/1/1/1 which, in combination with the large field of view of 100 x 65 mm, ensures perfect visibility. Built-in 4 modern photosensors guarantee the highest sensitivity of the filter. The filter is adjustable in the range of shading, brightening time, sensitivity and TEST function.
Welding helmet SPARTUS Pro 301X is a high class product for the most demanding welders. It is manufactured in accordance with world quality standards. It has excellent technical and performance characteristics.

Features of the 301X automatic filter:

Highest optical class 1/1/1/1

Smooth adjustment of shading of DIN 4 - 8 or DIN 9 - 13

Smooth adjustment of photosensors sensitivity

Smooth adjustment of filter’s brightening

TEST button

Active field of view 100x65mm