Chill Block M18 O2 Bung - Tig Aesthetics By Ticon

Alennushinta€132,00 EUR

 Copper Chill Blocks are manufactured out of high-tech Tellurium Copper alloy, this adds both durability and oxidation resistance to the alloy. These plugs will withstand as much heat as you can throw at them and they will transfer that heat quickly and effectively away from the o2 bung eliminating any warpage or overheating of the precision part being welded.

Unique copper construction performs 40% better as a thermal & electrical conductor over Aluminum alternatives. The increased density and weight (VERY HEAVY: Cu heat sinks are 70% heavier than an identical aluminum part.) This allows for ideal positioning and work holding while the hex shaped heat dissipation fins ensure quicker cool down times in a production welding environment.

Every M18 o2 Chill Block comes with:
-4-way argon diffuser is built in for eliminating turbulence inside the tube/pipe while maximizing the efficiency of argon consumed.
-1/8npt barb fitting and plug to use depending on if you desire a purge through capability or a sealed plug.
-Titanium o2 bung plug to cap any other open o2 ports during weld process.

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