Silicone Purge Plug Shower Diffuser - Titanium Barb Outlet

Alennushinta€129,00 EUR

The TIG Aesthetics Shower Head Diffuser by Ticon Industries is a unique gas fitting designed to increase efficiency of argon use by adding another layer of diffusion inside of the purge plug.  The extra diffusion from the six horizontally opposed precision CNC machined outlet ports insure an even and non-disruptive gas coverage. Additionally, the Shower Head Diffuser was designed to help prevent accidental disconnection during the welding process and during repositioning.

The Shower Head Diffuser is engineered to work with all of the TIG Aesthetics Silicone Purge Plugs products(excluding the 1" tube plug) and is made from solid CP2 Titanium. Titanium was chosen to keep things as light as possible while preventing oxidation and contamination inside your weldment. The Titanium Diffuser is designed with ruggedness in mind and you should never need another fitting as they can swapped into new plugs as the old ones wear.

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