Spartus Pro 430XT true color

Alennushinta€165,00 EUR

The SPARTUS® Pro 430XT welding helmet is designed to protect the welder's eyes and face from harmful radiation and welding spatters. It is perfect for MIG / MAG, TIG and MMA welding. Additionally, it also has a grinding option.

The Pro 430XT welding helmet has an automatic filter with the highest optical class 1/1/1/1 and a very large field of view of 100x73mm. Fast lens reaction time - 1/30,000s is guaranteed thanks to the use of 4 very sensitive sensors, which is an important factor while welding with low currents. The preview of the view is presented in real colors (true color).

The filter enables smooth adjustment of the darkness level (DIN 4 -8 / DIN 9-13), sensitivity and delay time. The GRIND switch activates the grinding function. The filter is powered by solar cells and a replaceable battery. The "TEST" button on the internal panel allows you to check the correct functionality of the filter.

The SPARTUS® Pro 430XT welding helmet is made of durable and light material. The multi-stage adjustment of the headgear allows not only a perfect fit, but also the right distance between the filter and the welder's eyes. The large field of view and comfort of work allows to obtain a high quality weld. The product is intended for the most demanding welders.

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