24# NWkit for 17/18/26 torch

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NW24 Cup offers excellent gas protection and guarantees an optimal result in welding. This product is specially designed to provide effective gas protection, which is key to quality welding.

We recommend using the NW24 Cup with a gas flow rate of 16-22 liters per minute to achieve the best possible result. This precise flow rate ensures optimal protection of the welding area and helps achieve a professional finish.

Designed specifically for DC welding, the NW24 Cup is an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable gas shield for their welding work. By choosing the NW24 Cup, you can be sure that your welding will always be at a professional level.


  • Teflon insulation
  • Clamp sleeve
  • Gas lens
  • 2 pieces of diffuser

The NW24 Cup offers all the gas protection you need for welding and is a reliable partner for professional work. Choose NW24 Cup and enjoy high-quality and efficient welding!

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