Optrel panoramaxx clt/E3000x Papr

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The fresh air package includes the Panoramaxx PAPR CLT mask, e3000X fan.

Panoramaxx CLT combines a wide panoramic view with a unique crystal
to lens technology.
This ensures a clear and realistic image in passive DIN 2.0 in brightness and during welding.

  • With the Autopilot function, the darkness is automatically adjusted depending on the amount of light coming from the arc.

  • IsoFit collar
  • With a panoramic lens, 6x the field of view compared to a traditional mask

  • USB charging and solar cells in the mask - no need for battery changes

  • Basic view 2.0DIN

  • Darkness range 5-12 DIN

  • Darkening sensitivity adjustment

  • Brightness delay adjustment

  • The mask weighs only 480g

  • Selection of the grinding setting from the switch by pressing

  • Also available as a fresh air version

  • Fresh air mask version compatible with e3000/e3000X fresh air fans

  • warranty 2+1 years (when registering)

e3000 PAPR

Respiratory protection for professional use.

Highest security category (TH3)Reliable protection against smoke, aerosols and dust

Integrated automatic air flow control

Color: Black

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