SPARTUS® WOLF grinding helmet with the air supply system

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SPARTUS® WOLF grinding helmet with the air supply system

The SPARTUS® WOLF helmet was designed to protect eyes
and face from dust and sparks during grinding. The durable polycarbonate
shield with a wide field of vision provides better control over the
work. The ergonomic shape, adjustable headgear and low weight of the
visor allow for extended work without feeling fatigued.

The SPARTUS® air supply system has a high level of respiratory protection TH3P thanks to a set of replaceable filters, including a main HEPA filter and an activated carbon pre-filter. The whole system is protected by a spark shield. The connection between the breathing hose and the visor housing provides freedom of movement during work.

The use of the air supply system with adjustable speed control guarantees a constant supply of fresh air, which is extremely important for long-lasting work. Continuous ventilation increases comfort and reduces fatigue levels and also prevents fogging of the lens, improving work efficiency.

Usage grinding
Active field of view 350 x 202.5mm
Adjustment knob and switch -
Weight of the helmet 340g
Variable air supply speed control 1: 180 l/min, 2: 220l/min
Operating time 1: 10h, 2: 9h
Charging cycle >500
Charging time 2.5h
Noise level max. 60dB
Hose length / dimensions 850 - 1200mm
Standards EN 12941:1998 / A1:2003 / A2:2008 TH3P R SL

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