Spartus EasyTig 210P AC/DC

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SPARTUS® Easy TIG 210P AC/DC. It is a modern digitally controlled inverter welding machine based on IGBT components. Enables TIG AC/DC and MMA AC/DC welding modes. The operating current comes from a single-phase 230V power source.

A versatile device for a wide range of applications. It has an easy-to-use digital control panel that provides instant access to the welding machine's functions. Enables steel, stainless steel (TID DC pulse welding - enables welding of thin parts. TIG AC welding function enables welding of aluminum and its alloys. The TIG torch has a remote control (on the handle).

SPARTUS® Easy TIG 210P AC / DC amazes with its small dimensions and light weight, only 8.7 kg. It is ideal for maintenance, assembly and production work.

Examples of use: portable repair, workshop, maintenance, construction.


Supply voltage: ~1× 230V ± 10% 50 / 60 Hz

TIG welding current: 10 - 200A

TIG utilization rate: 35%

Gas preflow: 0 - 2s

Gas afterflow: 0 - 10s

Uphill: 0 - 10s

Downhill: 0 - 10s

TIG pulse: Yes

Pulse amperes: 10 - 200A [AC] 10 - 170A [DC]

Pulse width: 5 - 95%

Pulse frequency: 0.5 - 200Hz

AC frequency: 60Hz

AC waveforms: square

AC Balance: 10 - 99%

2T/4T control: Yes

Arc ignition: HF (high voltage ignition)

Control options: control in the burner

UP&DOWN, wired foot control, control with the potentiometer on the handle

MMA welding current: 10 - 170A

No-load voltage: 52V

Current consumpiton: TIG DC 28.3A / TIG AC 32.5A / MMA DC 40.7A / MMA AC 39.1A

Power factor (cosφ): 0.6

Efficiency η: 85%

Insulation class: H

Protection class: IP23

Weight 8.7kg

Dimensions: 450 x 135 x 230mm

Control connector: 9SPA - SPARTUS®

Delivery time 5-14 days

Torch: SPE17 4m

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