Fast Pro 930XT

Sale price€210,00 EUR

The FAST® Pro 930XT automatic welding helmet is designed to protect the welder’s eyes and face from harmful radiation and welding spatters. It is perfect for MIG / MAG, TIG, MMA welding and grinding option.

The Pro 930XT helmet has an automatic welding filter with the highest optical class – 1/1/1/1. Perfect visibility is ensured by a large field of view – 100x65mm. SPARTUS® Pro 930XT helmet has been designed and equipped with a special mechanism for raising and lowering the welding filter. When lifted, the helmet’s center of gravity is lower and coincides with the head’s center of gravity. This reduces the welder’s neck tiredness and significantly increases his comfort of work. The field of view also increases – 165x72mm, and the welder’s eyes are protected by a protective glass.
The external control makes it easy to set the filter parameters during operation without removing the helmet. Thanks to them we can control the level of darkness (DIN 4-8 / DIN 9-13), sensitivity, delay time and switch the operating mode to grinding.

The multi-stage adjustment of the headgear allows not only a perfect fit, but also the right distance between the filter and the welder’s eyes.
Automatic welding helmet SPARTUS® Pro 930XT is a product that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding welders.

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