Tetrix XQ 230 puls AC/DC Expert 3.0 8P

Sale price€6.392,53 EUR

The latest generation modular AC/DC TIG inverter welding machine for even the most demanding welding tasks on all materials. The machine's user-friendliness and guided functions on the panel ensure efficient work. It offers many special features and adjustment options, especially for demanding aluminum structures welding. Water cooling option is also available.


  • Latest generation modular AC/DC TIG inverter welding machine.
  • TIG AC/DC, TIG DC, and TIG pulse.
  • activArc® and spotArc®.
  • MMA, MMA pulse, MMA cel, MMA cel pulse.
  • Factory-configured options:
    • Tetrix XQ 230 puls AC/DC Expert 3.0 welding machine control, 3.5m power cable with plug and an EWM X-compatible 8-pin connector.
    • Expert 3.0 control with a 7-inch high-resolution graphical display (non-touch screen) for easy parameter selection and customization.
  • Splash protection according to IP23.
  • Temperature and speed-controlled cooling fan - reduces dirt and noise level as the fan runs only when necessary.
  • Generator compatible, even with long power cables.
  • High resistance to voltage fluctuations.
  • Consumables storage box in the handle - provides safe and convenient storage of consumables.
  • LED status bar indicates the current operating status with colors.
  • Comes with a 3.5-meter power cable.
Burner: 4m cable

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