WS Pink/Grey tungsten electrode

Sale price€36,90 EUR

Designed for powerful and versatile welding, this electrode is excellent for aluminum, magnesium, carbon steel, titanium and a wide variety of other metal types. The unique composition, W + rare earth metals, guarantees only 4% oxide content, enabling precise and efficient welding.

The Pink/Grey Electrode is not just part of your equipment, it is the pinnacle of performance. By choosing this electrode, you are choosing a high-quality partner that exceeds expectations with every weld. Don't settle for mediocre - step into the world of new generation welding technology with the Pink/Grey Electrode.


-The package contains 10 electrodes

-Length 150 mm

-Suitable for welding all metals; electrodes support both AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) welding methods.

Size: 1.6mm

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